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Greetings From the Johnson County Parks

Greetings From the Johnson County Parks and Recreation Department!

Spring is peeping out from under the snowflakes in your county parks! Birds are calling, frogs are hollerin’, and folks are ready to get out and move in the sunshine! Soon we’ll be seeing some of our native wildflowers pop up and the leaves will return to the trees. A lot is happening in the parks, and we welcome you to come join us! idn poker

Park News…

The Cross County Course will be closed for schooling intermittently. Please contact the park office for more information!


Print out this flyer and head to City Barbeque in Greenwood on May 13th! Help us raise money for our parks!

Greetings From the Johnson County Parks

Events You NEED to Check Out…

Programs are about to pile up on our parks calendar!

Car Show Flyer

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If you would like to join the Johnson County Park email list, please click on the link below and fill out the form provided. We will send out emails informing you of upcoming events and potential volunteer opportunities (if you select that you are interested in volunteering). We will not sell your information or use your email for anything other than our mailing list. Thank you!