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Introduction To XLS Medical Products

XLS_9094_ResultsXLS Medical is one of Europe’s most popular dietary supplement brands. In fact, it is estimated that more than 11 million XLS Medical supplements have been purchased by dieters looking to achieve rapid and healthy weight loss. XLS medical products work to inhibit the digestion of dietary fats or carbohydrates producing healthy weight loss. Even more importantly XLS Medical products are 100% natural with no known side-effects. Below we will look at three of the most popular XLS Medical products including their key benefits, how they work and the correct way to take these supplements.

XLS Medical Fat Binder

The majority of the food that we consume contains dietary fat. During the digestive process this dietary fat is absorbed and stored by the body. By taking two XML fat binder tablets with water this process can be inhibited. This is thanks to the active ingredient in XLS Fat Binder called Litramine. Litramine is a specially patented, fiber complex which is derived from the dried leaves of the cactus. It is very rich in fiber and partly insoluble and soluble. Clinical studies have shown that Litramine is proven to bind dietary fiber without any adverse pharmalogical effects.

Following the fat binding phase XLS Medical Fat Binder replenishes the body with fat soluble vitamins A, D and E. This process creates a fat fiber complex which is too large to be absorbed by the intestine. Instead it is released naturally as stool resulting in a lower calorie intake. This can result in up to three times as much weight loss compared to dieting alone.

In Europe more than eleven million packets of XLS Medical Fat Binder have been sold without any adverse health issues being reported. XLS medical also offers are free support program to help manage and track weight loss for people taking the XLS medical supplement. This can help you achieve your weight loss goals even faster.

XLS Medical Fat Binder Direct

XLS Medical Fat Binder Direct is capable of binding up to 27% of the dietary fats that you consume. XLS Medical Fat Binder Direct has a unique formulation which enables the binding of fat molecules consumed into a fat fiber complex which is to big to be readily absorbed by the intestine. XLS Medical Fat Binder Direct also works to release beneficial soluble vitamins into the body.

XLS Medical Fat Binder Direct has been made even more effective and easy to take thanks to its sachet formulation. Dieters simply need to take a single sachet along with two small mouthfuls of water after each meal. XLS Medical Fat Binder Direct is very convenient as the sachets can be easily slipped into a purse or handbag. This makes it perfect for busy on-the-go lifestyles.

XLS Medical Fat Binder Direct sachets should be consumed immediately after meals. XLS Medical recommends that you consume them by placing them directly into your mouth. You do not need to add the sachets into a drink before consuming. It is also recommended to achieve the best results with XLS Medical Fat Binder Direct that the drink plenty of water through the day. This will help to hydrate the body and prevent you from feeling blocked up due to the high fiber content of this supplement.

XLS Medical Carb Blocker

XLS Medical Carb Blocker has been clinically proven to help reduce the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. XLS Medical Carb Blocker works to minimize the amount of carbohydrates that are broken down during the digestive process. By preventing carbohydrates from being broken down they become too large to be readily absorbed by the intestine.

Contained within XLS Medical Carb Blocker is the active ingredient PhaseLite. This inhibits the digestive enzyme alpha-amylase. This enzyme is responsible for converting complex carbohydrates into glucose. As these complex carbohydrates cannot be converted into glucose they are excreted naturally through the body’s stool. PhaseLite is a glycoprotein complex which is sourced from a non genetically modified organism (GMO) vegetable source.

One of the key benefits of XLS Medical Carb Blocker is that it does not effect the body’s natural digestive system. This means that there are no adverse reactions when taking this supplement. Because XLS Medical Carb Blocker uses all natural organic ingredients from a natural plant source, it can be purchased without a prescription.